I met Jenna* late last year when she interviewed me for her Project Give Back assignment for school. She chose MFW as her focus because she hoped that “some day everyone will have a bike just like me.”

Project Give Back is a year-long project where students have to choose, research and present information on a charity they are interested in.

Jenna* with her amazing presentation on display


Letter from Jenna* describing the project.

Jenna was very professional and thorough in interviewing me. She asked thoughtful questions and carefully wrote out my answers. I was absolutely delighted to meet her and thrilled that she decided to focus her project on MFW. It was wonderful to receive a letter from Jenna once the project was over, where she described the game she created as part of her presentation.

And I was moved to tears when I discovered from her mom that Jenna – a grade 4 student – decided to take things a few steps further.

In addition to spending time raising awareness about MFW, recycling and giving back to the community – Jenna organized and ran a cookie sale, a lemonade stand and a garage sale where she sold some of her things.  She collected five “like new” bikes AND raised $226.60 to donate to MFW.

I am filled with wonder and deep gratitude for the caring you expressed, Jenna. Thank you for the difference you have made!

*not her real name

Jenna* raised $226.60 through a cookie, lemonade and garage sale she organized to support MFW