I met two lovely children, Colin (aged 8) and Brynna (aged 5) who saved up their money since last November so that they could buy a bike to donate to a child this spring. Brynna also donated her own bike, and big brother Colin even set up a donation jar in his grade 2 class to support My First Wheels.

It was so uplifting to see such a genuine, generous response from children so young. And it was a family affair; their parents encouraged Colin and Brynna’s active and independent participation in making a positive difference in the community.

Through simple, every day acts of collecting loose change, even a found lucky penny here and there…little by little, it added up to a bicycle gift – a real thrill for a child to receive! It could mean the difference between sitting inside this summer, and going for a ride outside, doing something positive, fun and healthy. A bike can mean so much, to a child and their family.

Colin and Brynna, your kindness will have a real and lasting impact. Thank you both, so much. YOU did it!