On June 6, My First Wheels was lucky enough to be featured as part of Susan Hay’s Global News program,  Making a Difference.  They highlight organizations and individuals in Toronto working to make positive changes in the city.   In this segment, thirteen Toronto kids aged 8 to 11 received bikes  as a surprise, on air!  They all just completed a bicycle safety program offered by one of MFW’s community partners, Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Health Centre.

The kids thought that they were just there to be a part of the interview, and had no idea they would be leaving with their first wheels!

It was incredibly moving to see how ecstatic the kids were to get their first bike.  They were cheering and riding around for hours afterward.

There was a great vibe in the air as the kids were enjoying the simple pleasure of a bike ride on a sunny afternoon.  And one of the kids who got a bike gift was even interviewed by Susan Hay!